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Welcome to the Fotowales picture library. Within this site you will find images of north Wales that I have taken in recent years.

All pictures are suitable for use in brochures for hotels, restaurants and the tourist trade.

My commissioned work in this field has been used for corporate calendars and promotional literature.

Many of these images are suitable for use in corporate literature, for instance, annual reports, housing development brochures etc.

I also undertake commissioned work of this nature, If you require specific pictures of north Wales for any reason, please contact me.

The galleries within this site contain a collection of images that I have taken over a period of 35 years.

Many shots were taken with my 3 Hasselblad cameras and a 5x4 monorail camera using mainly transparency film

with some also taken on negative film.

The more recent images have been taken on Canon equipment. Having spent most of my working life using one set of cameras which have produced the highest quality images, once into the digital age, I have had to change camera bodies on a regular basis owing to the rate of technical advances in digital image capture.

The images are divided into categories which can be found above to simplify searches.

As well as the images on this site, I also have a collection of panoramic views which can be found at the link below.

For panoramic landscape images of north Wales, please visit the PANOWALES web site.